the difference between me
Single inkl. Video

Recorded at Newtone Studio, Brig
Mastered by Don
Produced and mixed by Don and A.F.

1. the difference between me
2. Video Clip


1. The difference between me

I heard that you said from me that I'm a freak
It's not true that's not the way I speak
have you ever seen my great power
It seems to me you look like a flower

I am so wired my thoughts are spinning around
I am so stupid I don't know what is going on
It's too much for me

No amount of paint can hide the rust you will never be the same
you can never trust even a mirror shows you
almost nothing so what is the difference between me

I don't like myself cause I'm too proud
It is ok you are on the right way
sometimes my music is too loud
as long as it's no techno that's not so bad