forbidden dance

Recorded at dB musicLAB at Naters
Mastered by Greenwood Studios at Nunningen
Produced and mixed by Allpot Futsch

1. forbidden dance




1. forbidden dance

As they walked down the hills
and they the mountains behind
they were searching a place out of bounds

the girl was looking for a man
and he was looking for a girl
just for a dance the cherished so much

but the dance was forbidden and the joke was a sin
the legend said that il’ll be burned-in
burned-in in your soul
when they will howl and howl
it won’t be nice to be banished to the perpetual ice

the story became forbidden
nothing else more was written
written down from the young and retold by the old

they escaped through the underground
in the bag their own sound
just to dance for a while the wallis good old style

every one knew it but nobody said a word
about those treasured things
the punishment won’t be a punishment
and these days they do it every night and they sing





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