not alone
12 Songs

All Songs produced recorded and mixed by Ryan Greene at Crush Recordings, Phoenix, AZ
All Songs mastered by Bruce Vance at Red Mastering, Newbury Park, CA

"I wish" recorded and mixed by Don at Newtone Studio, Brig

1. crash  
2. far but deep  
3. punk means  
4. in charge  
5. copycat Video Clip
6. bella cona  
7. behind the mask  
8. keep me down  
9. boiling point  
10. without you  
11. in your eyes  
12. I wish  


1. crash

we stand up on stage
he sits behind his drums
he picks up his sticks
and beats his drums.

supporting our songs
he plays harder louder stronger
he lays down the groove
shows us the way

starting with the sound check
our hearts are standing still
he takes his sticks, is taking his place
and the sound begins to roll

rocking harder
singing louder
the drums in the back oh what a feeling
we stand in front of you
cause this is what we do
we're playing our songs
will rock for life.

our drummer is rocking down the house
banging his drums he never leaves the field of sound
what should we do in a punk rock band
when Thomas is not around to rock our sound.

I know life can be hard, put Thomas at the start.
the music will make energy, get up and dance we'll make you scream
we only need one rocking beat. play the drums.

2. far but deep

I haven't seen you for a long time. I wish the days would pass more quickly than they are.

so many things remind me of you, sometimes they make me happy, sometimes sad, affection.

I am with you, even when we life on continents so far away. the world is to small to separate my mind and my heart from you.

in the end it's all about holding on ‘till you're back. I'm sure we'll handle this rough time.

this physical separation is just a test of our love, it makes no sense it's just a fence, we gonna get over.

when you finally come back
we're together every day and night
no one will separate us again

I always knew you would come back to me.

3. punk means

almost 15 years we've been singing our songs
we like the way we sound, we look at you and jump around.
but for some people it's hard to understand. they don't listen.
they only get a sense of what punk rock means.

Punk means to account for what you do
stand up to always be there for your friends
punk rock to give never up keep your head up
it means to be friends forever and to hold together
punk means to aim high not low to reach your goal
punk is to rise up when you're down to keep moving around
punk means so many things

if all that means punk rock then we are a part of it
we belong to it and we life the life and we'll die for it
we know we all go through it we choose our life, screw it
do you think we know all that life has to give

punk means not to give a damn about anything
much more than to have a leather jacket and to have nice things
you guess to have an all-night-party is a punk rock rule
what's the meaning of punk when you give yourself rules
it is an old question we don't care about
all those wannabes can't you see they're just looking for a place in life
and they're really not punk rock

4. in charge

their car is running idle in the parking lot while Mr. and Mrs. are shopping in the mall

it took them 5 to 6 hours that day to shop for things that didn't matter anyway

society gives a fuck about you and the duck
swimming on a lake filled with black gold
we`re not proud about it, we all just close our eyes we`re not thinking about the whole world

facts rule the world. wasting goods is ignorance. illusion of prosperity.

so try to fight against this illusion. believe the facts they are true.

society gives a fuck about you and the duck
swimming on a lake filled with black gold
we`re not proud about it, we all just close our eyes we`re not thinking about the whole world

I don`t wanna chance your behavior but I want you to think about it

modern life is real but not fair.
each one of us is in charge of what we do. so now it`s time, or it`s too late?

5. copycat

I hope I'll never see you again or hear anything about you I never will come across you again in my live. cause you are nothing but a copycat it's really hard to explain it made me forget because of too much pain. copycat!

please go away, please close your nasty mouth. I never met no one like you. no words were true, nothing was authentic, you are simply pathetic.

asshole! Grin and bear it again your pseudo façade is wrecked in your world everything was perfect. And people remarqued on your foul game. The jokes where always the same and your nasty body was just a cover. copycat!

Even if you wanna hear it, it doesn't matter. I will always cry!

6. bella cona

bella cona is what we call a pretty place, a place for you and me.
bella cona means passions, liberty, a romantic place, a dream.

Do you see people searching for that magic place somewhere?
bella cona: is it real? is it true?
could you please persuade me? could you show me the way?
bella cona: is it real? is it true? is it mine?

bella cona does not mean what I see out there and almost everywhere.
Everyone fights their own war. Day by day, a new mission gets harder and harder.

after years of searching I gave up and realized that I lost my believe.
bella cona is too far away, the world we life in is threatened by people with no respect.
There's nothing else I can say.

7. behind the mask

seems like anyone of you. seems like anyone of us. seems like anyone of feels good.

what's the reason? no one likes to see.
what's the meaning? what's so true?
what's the sense? why do we feel how we feel?

no one knows. no one likes to see.
we all still prefer to be blind.
words and eyes don't always tell the truth.
behind the scene sun turns to rain.

seems like anyone of you
seems like anyone of us
seems like anyone of feels good

helpless, alone. you think you are? maybe you're not.
shyness and pain. isolation. that's not the way.
stand up and fight. fight for your rights. believe in yourself.
helpless, alone. you think you are? maybe you're not.
stand up and fight. fight for your rights. believe in yourself.

8. keep me down

many rules and customs in the world are made to keep me down.
wonder why I have to accept your way, your moral code.

double standard is the word, to understand what's going on.
what people do and what they say is in a different way.

many things to obey
don't know what to say
don't know what to do
so what will you do when there is nothing left for you to pay

don't point or stare at someone else even if he looks like a freak.
nobody really cares about it everybody has the same make up to me.

would it be better to life my life forever by your side?
or should I stand up and be myself and act on my own terms?

9. boiling point

when I see you, I get sick. Everything about you is disgusting to me.
there are not many people I hate, but you're one of them

I hate your face, I hate your voice
but what I hate the most are all your lies.
I can't believe why you don't stop. shut up don't lie.

I need to sit, should calm down.
I have to relax and clear my mind.
right now I should try to change my thoughts.
That's not easy I've reached my boiling point.

There are things about you I don't understand
wonder why it is how it is.
Am I right or am I wrong?
I think I'm right cause I am not the only one.

am I right
am I wrong
I think I'm right cause I am not the only one.

10. without you

because you were always there when I needed you
when the times were not the best for me.
I know that you will always be there for me.
without you my life would be so empty.

without you my life would never make any sense
only you my friend are always by my side
you will always be by my side
I thank you for everything
I will always be your friend.
I hope it will never end.

sometimes you are lazy and every second weekend hazy.
we all need you around. you treat the world like a clown.
get off your seat and let's get crazy.

every little song which is played by hand is a masterpiece.
every idea deserves a day in court.

11. in your eyes

you said to me I can't say things like this or that.
that I am wrong, you're so strong, I can't even sing this song.
you're right in all your opinions and thoughts.
you're the man but you don't see, there's others like you and me.
I'll search for everyone with the right opinion, with the wrong opinion.
don't bring me down.

if that's your world I'm not ashamed to be unworthy
I don't care if you think that I am not right
we can all be proud of you and all of your opinions
don't bring me down.

Whatever you will say it seems to be o.k.
Whatever you will say it seems to be for you
Whatever you will don't take a break

Don't think about the thing you said you're always on you way
every day and every night the stars are shining bright
everything you said at that time seems to be a big lie
everything you've done at that time is like a big mistake
I never wanted to be like you

the conclusion from things I've experienced
is to take care about new friends
they are visiting our gigs only once or twice
then they're gone forever they are living in an other world
we can exchange them with other players

where have you been
which is your face
what was the truth
what was the joke
and who the hell are you
have you ever asked yourself such an important thing?

12. I wish

So many things are quite absurd
in this strange new world.
I don't know why people must go on
with this life wich is much too organized.
everything is ordered in advance.
people have to keep up with the times
not to be the odd one out.

the commercial folk is finding out
that money rules the world.

I wish I were the first one,
I wish I decided destiny.
I wish I could change the world!

I don't know why and I don't know where
these things were decided.
but I know that so many things are wrong.
So please take a little step in the right direction,
then you will be a part of the good side.
something that could never be.

I wish I were the first one.

It's just a crack,
made of slag,
pile of crap,
what a slap in your face!





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