'till the end

Recorded at Newtone Studio, Brig
Mastered by Don
Produced and mixed by Don and Allpot Futsch

1. start your engine  
2. from punk 'till dawn  
3. hang over  
4. stupid dreams  
5. singlebar  
6. men vs nature  
7. this train sucks  
8. 'till the end  
9. tough time  
10. 0815  
11. musiccake  
12. R. Matthew  
13. about relationship  
14. Ricky  
15. fun in the sun  



1. start your engine

kein Text


2. from punk `till dawn

could it be that some day
we won't be like today
now it's difficult to say the idea
has its own way
now we're young and lucky we hold
always together
we are great friends and
proud to take part
we are hard since the start
we are like a big and old
wonderful family
hold on my friend we stay strong
till the end
please don't take another mind even
liars cry that's kind
you take part of a great friendship
a present from heaven try to hold on it
remind yourself listen to your heart
you will reach your aim even when you
stay the same
to have really good friends is like a big wonder
sometimes like a thunder
a big bomb has to explore
I am proud to say that I'm one of those
even when we aren't
nice and successful
we are always on the road
like switch to bitch the pigs cremation
and the crack-speed-toys
3. hang over

I am lying on the floor my drunken
head hit the door
my bloody nose hurts god dam pain
I am trying to get up another bail
another cut
on my forehead god dam pain
I am looking for a towel to wipe off
the running blood
I throw down my only mirror the pieces
cut my heels and toes
that's enough I wanna sleep but I don't
find my bed indeed
that's because my world is shaking
finally I've found my bed I wanna drop
but I hit the flat
again on the floor another swelling
oh my god I can't believe it I don't
make another move
I'm gonna sleep right there right now
I close my eyes and I am gone
I am dreaming I'm not on this world what
a flesh what a feeling
I weak up what a slap in my face my head
seems to explode right now
I swear that I will take care no more parties
like this next year
afternoon I feel much better what's going
on this saturday
some friends call me let's go out there
is a party next to us
I feel good I go to the party
we go out instead of what
of taking care
4. stupid dreams

every night I have some dreams
I don't know
what it means they are funny
but I cannot see
a sense in what I dream
stupid dreams like man in a bottle
and yelling snakes
behind flying persons all around
and swimming stones on the sea
my stupid dreams every night
I wanna dream strange stories
every night I wanna dream funny shit
I'm looking in the mirror
but I can see my back some ants
in rally car on a monster
racing track somebody is following me
I wanna run away I'm running
like never before I have the feeling of
a replay I'm always angry
when I don't remember what a funny
dream I had last night I
wish that I could sleep again and
redream all but that's exactly
the special thing of a dream
there's only one
5. singlebar

totti would like to make holidays
there's nobody nei wirklich keis
who would like to spend his time with totti
to travel in summer with Anette to Spain
when hear it I feel only pain
he better should stay with his friends
why don't you go to the singlebar
that's what you ever said
the singlebar is where you should go
the singlebar is your place
und das nit gad ds wenig
anette doesn't want to go
with her snail-eater
so she makes him halt with totti witer
they might eml become a pair viliiter
If the snail-eater would know
that totti is such a …
he'd give him a fadugrade in d fatscha
than he has got in any case
bien der rächu ii
why don't you go to the singlebar
that's what you ever said
the singlebar is where you should go
the singlebar is your place
und das nit gad ds wenig
6. men vs nature

men existed a long time ago our planet
became to a big show
civilization advanced all over no respect
no understanding
men vs nature is so foolish
they belong together
otherwise men will be punished or even ...
technology and administration
knowledge and new experience
gave the people a good feeling of control
gave the people a good feeling of security
men vs nature so foolish
they belong together
otherwise men will be punished
or even killed
recklessness is our problem
the silly feeling of full control
nature is unpredictable
we have to accept
nature can be cruel
we saw it more then once
people are only toys
in comparison with natural power
I don't wish it but I think it's not that bad
if nature gives us a sign
but often the sign is very hard
I hope really the respect comes back
7. this train sucks

I am sitting here in this boring train
everybody looks sad
some are reading news some are listening
to hardcore techno beat
shit but that's the only way I can go
back home I don't like them,
these lonely traintrips but never mind
soon I'm back home
my friends and my family are not lazy
sad or stoned like
this traincrowd here I wanna drink a beer
in a pub with all my friends,
right now boring traintrip rainy weather
out there ugly faces
around me they don't look good they
don't really have fun what a
hell is this train, help ! I'm still sitting
here something is changing
now some new faces around me I know
one of them he's from
my hometown I can't remember his name
but he's a funny guy,
he looks like johnny depp he is so similar
so nice and so sweet
I wanna talk to him but I don't cause
I have to laugh when I see
when I see he's funny face
he's my movie star he
is a perfect double I should tell him
that right now, why not now
it's o.k. I saw johnny depp in in this boring
stinky train
8. till the end

there's no power that can change the life
for me and my friends
nobody's able to command us
we're the same till the end
but sometimes I guess
it's only a nice wish
because there is something that
let us feel like in a dream
don't be sad my friend please don't be sad
suddenly you meet a girl
and don't understand anything
you think of her every night and day
never forget where your friends are
and what they're doing
the most important thing
they're the most important thing
because they stay the whole life
there's no power that can change the life
for me and my friends
nobody's able to command us
we're the same till the end
9. tough time

please bring along yourself
and don't forget that smile
I hope it's possible to see
you for a while
it's really a tough time for us
but there's no way
to change that situation probably it's ok
that we can't see us every day
or every night
but sometimes I would like to know
when I am far away
what exactly do you do when I'm not with you
what exactly do you say all the time
that I'm away
sometimes when we are separated again
I feel so alone but then
I remember your smile
and I'm wondering It would not be
the same the same without you!
10. 08/15

we're writing soft-punk-songs or
something like that and we are
lucky to play them but the
real musicians don't want to listen to our
shit like this song

08/15 is this song but I like it

we take only three touches for a song
we use only three strings
from the guitar and the base
we are really no big progressive-rock heroes
we are nothing compared with the great poets
and we even don't know what we will reach
without a message for people
we can forget our success
without a philosophic background at all
we are nothing than losers in the scene
we're hearing every time

08/15 is this song but I like it
11. musiccake

searching through my records and
I'm looking for my hero-song
music is important and
I'm fascinated every day
what a magic power is there in the air
only dancing and moshing hair
it must be music such an atmosphere
everybody is listening to their
own favorite songs
I hope they all feel good doing it
look at you and ask yourself
when your favorite number twelve takes
over every cell of your brain
you don't think about your problems
while music is playing
your mind is free and you feel good
If you want a hobby which is creative
and good for you
learn to play an instrument and found a
band with all your friends
spend your time on writing some funky songs
instead of smoking a hundred bongs
the flash is better when you here your sound
music rules and you are a part a little
start of a new art
the worldwide musiccake is crowing everyday
If you get the chance perhaps
you write million dollar tracks
you earn more money then billy gates
you buy a car, a house, a wife
Don't believe in it
donut believe this fairytale
don't believe in it
the money is far away
12. r. matthew

we love the usa
matthew is a little revolutionist
he would like to blow up the
statue of liberty
and when he was in the holidays-
inn-pup he burnet usa-flags
and of iohn wayne
matthew doesn't like the usa
and when he is drunk he sings
with his friends
we love the usa
don't think that he is a braggart
than he is really hard and really
strong with his enemies
matthew is a little hero
and when you ask him:
“hey matthew what do you've got
against the usa?”
he wouldn't answer you
but when he is drunk he sings
with his friends
13. about relationship

I am sure that you know boys and girls l
ike everyone does
some of them you really know because
they are good friends
but listen now many times you are
with your friends
and you know them really well you tell
them stories and you should ...
you should know that we are talking about
our secrets sometimes
the topic are girls about relationship the
story isn't old I
was surprised and I didn't believe when
they told me what they did
I am wondering what could happen when
the party is going big
my friends eyes are looking for a chick I
know that's not bad
but what really makes me sad is the way of
that affair five of my best
friends made the same mistake with that
girl and nobody knew
the hole story I think they aren't proud of
the things they have done
I know I have my fun with the things they
have done really suffering
is that girl cause she's going out every night
most of that
time she is with my friends she knows
exactly what she did
she is angry about that shit but anyway
the story is fun
14. ricky

there was a man who defeated all
his opponents with his fists and his head
he fought for honour and wife
for money love and esteem
he is a hero for me
he is fighting for poor people
and when he won his oscar
his grudgers all laughed at him
he get in the ring and won
he became a big legend
rocky a name who is in everyone's head
Is an attribute for heroes
he started a wave followed by
a lot of names that are sounding
like his name rocky
richi and ricky from tic tac toe
he was an outsider but then he
became snob like bob
I don't mind but I wont more
fantasy in the showbiz
I hear his name calling everywhere
but nobody remembers the roots
what a pitty
15. fun in the sun

45 degrees and I am lying in my pool
my pool is great not big but nice
the water seems to be ice
I see some people working
some palms around the pool shadow
on my stereo
nfaa is rocking
a bunch of grapes and some cool
drinks on my left
a cigarette and I'm relaxing on my air bed
what more can I have what more can
I have right now
suddenly my drinks are finished I have to go
to my house where all my drinks are
I am opening my fridge no more ice
no more drinks
the store is to far away
somebody is ringing at my door who could it be ?
all my friends are in front of my
door and they went to the store
they had to take a shopping trolley
they tell me „we saw some girls
they were wonderful
but we don't know where they are now“
look outside what a chance there they are
come inside and join us today
come in and join us today come in
we have some fun in the sun





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