Now you have the salad

Recorded at Audi's Studio, Brig
Mixed and mastered by Heinz Affolter, Luzern
Produced by Allpot Futsch

1. swanky stuff  
2. summertime  
3. 2.5  
4. be a romp  
5. 19th july  
6. outer limits  
7. perfect day  
8. Barhocker  
9. enough  
10. pftg  
11. green car  




1. swanky stuff

There are pubs I don`t really like
too many people who say strike
or something like this trendy fucked up shit
I heard this word from a 12 year old kid !

I`m smelling Channel Nr. 5
from the girls with the boys who drive
an expensive car only for showing :
"hello I`m cool and you are out !"

I can`t believe what`s cool
to hang out in pubs like these,
where people laugh at you
if you don`t wear all the new stuff.

Levis, Calvin Klein and trademarks like
these are the favourites,
they spend money for this swanky shit.
To me snobs are like clowns, clowns in circuses!
Cuz you are nothing as a looser baby, tummy turtle, stupid monkey, nothing as a looser baby!

I know some better places in town,
and they are not my own;
just follow me and meet the people there
don`t be afraid they don`t care,

what you wear or how you look,
they don`t read a book,
wich explains the newest fashion for tonight
and don`t forget the wife walks right!

I could lunch backwards oh, oh my God what happened to our society.
I hope this time passes quickly away
2. summertime

summertime holidays at the beach
the sun is burning every
fat body of them
who are lying in the sand

like a helpless plant I cannot understand
why are they doing that?
Oh, what a shit, I would never do it
Did they never hear:

The sun is killing did they never hear?
Two days later at the doctor
The poor man has to shock her
She looks like a tomatoe
And not like a potato
Which would be the right thing

Instead of dancing all night
The stupid girl has to fight.
Oh, you are so bad
And I´m not sad

Did they never hear: the sun is killing
Did they never hear?
3. 2.5

In school we have lot of topics,
one of these is french idiotics
I`d like to tell you my opinion about it,
school french is a really big bullshit.
I`m pissing on this language
Wir lernen Zeiten und bereiten
Prüfungen vor und singen im Chor.
Wieso werden uns 10 Zeiten eingebellt
wenn ich nicht mal weiss wie man im Präsens ein Bier bestellt.

I`m pissing on this language!

Jetz längt's! Heret üf mit dem Quatsch,
susch git's Französischbiechermatsch.
Tagelang chenti chotzu wägu dem,
Schüelfranzösisch macht plem plem.

I`m pissing on this language!
4. be a romp

Feebly, sulky, moody guy
You are bolting out and nobody knows
why are you so feebly, sulky and moody !

people organize a gig but you think: "what a big shit !"
change your lifestyle once again !

Be frisky, dotty and jocular
off the rocker do you know what I mean ?
Don`t yawn me and manage your life.
always rocking, now you know what I mean !

Are you looking for a job
earn some money in a shop
without cash life`s a flop !

Go somewhere don`t spend your cash
for senseless, stupid trash
Create your life with your own phantasy !
Always hanging out alone what a pity, you are a clown
Always rocking is what you need
life a life with action and speed!

We try to give you some energy
and we hope that you will be successful in your life !

The morality of the story is easy to understand:
be just a teeny weeny bit choosy!
5. 19. July

I know a girl, I fell in love,
She isn´t just a trendy girl,
We did speak about everything,
I told her stories I would never tell my mother,
I followed just my heart,
My feelings make me nervous,
I can´t describe this time,
Like this I don´t like love.

She is so far away,
What about me all my memories are still in my mind.
Now I need friends

She is so far away but my best friends stay in our town.
Girls are not as important as feirnds for life.
I give them all the respect that I can.
I know they stick to me ´till the end yeah what a feeling.

I´m not alone that´s how it is,
Our brotherhood survives any girl.
6. Outer Limits

You go to school with all your friends
no problems to care about
today is our last day

now school is over
I cannot wait, no more waiting
suddenly I reached my aim

How many hours did you sit to reach this point
so many difficult tests did you pass
teachers did hate you you could shoot them
soon you leave that place
and go your own way

But when the time is over, we go for all
7. Perfect day

How can I try to tell my feelings at a sunday morning
Looking up into the sky and see that all the clouds have passed by.
I´ve never seen such strong blue colours,
I can´t believe my dream came true.
No more waiting suddenly the time is here,
What can I say, there is white everywhere.
Do you fool the snow? Do you feel the freedom?
You´re yourself at this time.

Flying around and catching powder wich is soft as an ass.
Loosing all the problems for a moment.
I don´t have a comment.

Pushing over caps and decks are spinning around in the air!
What a dream, it´s like vanilla cream,
Powder rest, you are the best!
8. Barhocker

So many people come to you
and sit on your face
why don`t you refuse?
They put the feet on your knees
the shoes are full of mud,
why don`t you scream?

Get away from me
I`m free
I`m not a toy for you at all.

Why don`t you feel like a bird
high up into the blue sky
I know the true answer.

Because you are so stupid
you are so terrible shy,
why don`t you scream?

If you don`t leave me I cut off your ass.
I`m not a slave.

How fit will you be without your fucking feet?
take them away.
9. enough

Why do you speak bad about this plain mouth in his nasty face?
Why do you pass sarcastic remarks about this case?
Why do you think that all the farmers are bad tillers for a tip?
Why do you cry that all the slit eyes are always on a trip?

Think about yourself and please look in the next mirror,
then you`ll see that you aren`t perfect, cee.
cuz everybody`s dirty.
And please don`t suspect that you are perfect
then you should know that you also make mistakes...
you should know you`re a person too.

You`re laughing about the men who are drinking too much of beer. You`re laughing about the men who are not from here.
All the strangers you see are bad guys for you.
But you don`t know that you`re filthy too.
nobody`s perfect or correct in fact listen to me.

The life is too short for all this agitation, life is too nice for all of his war.
What kind of agitation is there in your mind?
What do you wanna say, what do you wanna do,
you know you`re filthy too
10. PFTG

What a marriage the man is big and successful.
The wife is beautiful, she works as a model.
But her son will be terrible,
only problems no true friends.

My birthday was a great event
they were in happiness
all my psycho friends were there,
near 21.

Why did everybody drink a beer with me last night,
why did everybody go and leave me alone in my home sweet home?

I have nothing to do
all my friends are not real friends.
My home looks a terrible criminal place
I can`t believe what I see oh no

Oh I`m a snob, I'm a zero, nobody loves me.
I am not shy but I am bad.
I was looking for a Chic all my life.
I`m listening Teckkno-music every day.
11. My green car

I`ve got a car he is my green star
Grandpa bought him in a bar
for a bunch of francs
I have to tell him all my best thanx

Today he is 24
and he rips every floor
with his slowly not harshly and always easy style

Oh my green car my beauty my green car
you are the king of the road.





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